Video Post w/ Cover Image

This video post is using a placeholder image to cover embed video. Clicking image loads and reveals the embed video. It’s useful if you wish to display custom cover image for a video. Also hiding embed video and showing an image first helps faster page loading.

Videos, images and sliders can be used with Featured Image / Video option as well as directly inside the WordPress visual editor.
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Video Embed

Video embed code (Vimeo video link) is being used as featured image. Video appears above the content on single post page but this behaviour can be changed from Theme Options.

Videos can be added through one of the following options :

  1. Video Files : MP4, OGV, WEBM video files will be embeded via built-in WordPress Video / Audio player.
  2. Embed Video : Video URLs will be turned into embed code through WordPress OEmbed function. Although this is a video post, you can embed players from Soundcloud, Spotify, Flickr and other supported websites. Click here to see supported websites.

Video credits :Elektron Jam Session 7: Yaybahar meets Elektrons